Spring Equinox & New Moon Balancing Light & Dark – Wonderworks Healing Arts

The Spring Equinox, on March 19, is a time of balancing the light and dark. The New Moon on March 24, in Aries brings new beginnings and a time of growth and rebirth. It is a great time to go out into nature and walk among the flowers, breath fresh air, relax, feel gratitude, and joy.

Spring is the season of clarity and patience or anger and confusion, the choice is ours. We are certainly being tested now! By pausing and taking a deep breath, we can choose to act or react in fear or love. Self care will help create the ability for us to be strong, centered, and loving, since need to be caring, generous, and kind now is essential!

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, we specialize in creating a safe, clean, loving sanctuary following all the safety guidelines to maintain the health and wellbeing of our patients. With acupuncture, energy healing, and herbal medicine, we can bring immediate calm to our worried minds and hearts by grounding and balancing our bodies, minds, and souls. Most importantly, we can boost your immune system and alleviate stress to empower your nervous system during these uncertain times.

Come in today and experience the healing benefits of holistic medicine. I also do remote energy healings over the phone if you are not able to come in. This is an excellent alternative healing modality. I look forward to being of service and helping you, your loved ones, and the community as well. Love and blessings, Amorah