Spring equinox time for renewal and balance

Spring is in the air, flowers blooming everywhere! Spring Equinox is the time of renewal and balancing, equalizing the energies between the winter and spring seasons. Bringing in much needed light, warmth, and new life in nature and ourselves as well.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is mainly associated with the wood element, which is known for its strength and flexibility. From a spiritual perspective, the wood element is said to house the “hun” which represents the Spirit that enlivens and sustains us throughout life and is said to move on after death. Spring, in Chinese Medicine, also connects to the color green associated with healing, the emotion of anger which is healthy for creating boundaries, the wind element which reflects movement and change, and the Liver and Gallbladder meridians which are responsible for detoxifying.

After the long winter months of hibernation, spring is a time of surrendering the old, outdated, stagnate ways of being and transform in truth. Trusting the new growth that is bursting forth within us and all around us takes energy to embrace and overcome obstacles with determination to transform. Eating lots of greens helps detox and calm the mind and nourish the body. Now is the time to harness this vibrant energy and spring forth!

Wonderworks Healing Arts is happy to help reset your inner clock, circadian rhythm, and create a healthy healing regimen which includes balance, vitality, and strength. Acupuncture healing sessions will help heal and move stagnate energies on all levels of being, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Oriental Medicine is available to help detox and calm pent-up energies and emotions, relieve pain and revitalize organ systems and support your ligaments and tendons which are associated with the wood element.

Now is the time to jump and shout and rejoice! Get up, get out and give a hand helping others do the same, have fun and enjoy spring fever. And remember to book your healing sessions to support your immune system, alleviate allergies and hay fever, and enliven your spirit! Many blessings and much love!