Spring is in the Air – Spring Equinox & New Moon – Wonderworks Healing Arts

Spring is in the air, flowers everywhere! The Spring Equinox is on March 21, as well as the new moon in Aires, which will herald in new beginnings, rebirth, and renewals. This is the time of year to embrace change, be brave, and following your heart. The equinox is about balancing the light and the dark within us and all around us. Releasing the past, contemplating the future, and acting on what is awakening in the present that brings you joy.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, I am happy to help you balance your body, mind, and soul with gentle acupuncture, energy healing, and Chinese Medicine. These ancient healing modalities stimulate your healing process to help motivate and lighten your mood, increase your energy, and boost your immune system. As well as improve your sleep, relieve your pain, and open your mind and heart to improve your quality of life.

Come in today and feel renewed, rejuvenated, and reborn as we jump into Spring and enjoy all that life has to offer. I look forward to seeing you soon, much love and appreciation, Amorah.