Strawberry Full Moon – Health, Happiness, & Freedom

The joyful June full moon in Capricorn, an Earth sign representing grounding and stability. It is considered a Strawberry Full Moon to mark the end of spring when the fruit is ripe and ready to enjoy. This is a time to celebrate endings and new beginnings.  Now is a good time to evaluate priorities and self correct to stay on course with the highest good for all in mind. This is also considered a holy time of doing charitable acts, prayers and fasting during pagan rituals of Summer Solstice. 

In Oriental Medicine, summer is the fire element, located in the heart center, along with the small intestine.  If these organ systems are out of balance in body, mind or spirit, too much internal heat builds up and creates summer heat symptoms of insomnia, headaches, digestive issues, anxiety, and/or mania.  Acupuncture healing sessions help create a state of calm, which relaxes the nervous system to restore health and balance and cultivate love of self and others.  

This is a great time to book a healing tuneup appointment at Wonderworks Healing Arts to promote vitality and wellbeing this summer season.  It is also very important to drink lots of water, eat light, healthy foods, and get plenty of rest to ensure maximum health during this season of celebration as we dance and howl under the Strawberry Full Moon!  Much love and many blessings, Amorah