Summer Solstice – Balance & Rejuvenate – Wonderworks Healing Arts

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, is happening on Tuesday, June 21. This is an exciting time of year to relax, rejuvenate, and play. In Chinese Medicine, the summer season represents the heart and small intestine meridians, energy channels that run throughout the body, the fire element, color red, bitter flavor, and growth energy. It is important to stay calm, cool, and collected as the season heats up by being grounded, hydrated, and rested.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, I can help you celebrate this time of year by balancing your body, mind, and spirit with gentle acupuncture, energy healing, and herbal medicine to create and maintain optimum health and wellbeing. When we are in balance, we can enjoy good sleep, digestion, joy, mental clarity, and vitality. However, when we are out of balance, headaches, insomnia, heartburn, urinary tract infections, and anxiety ensue.

Happy Summer Solstice! Come in today and experience the wonder of being happy, joyous, and free. Much love and many blessings, Amorah