Super New Moon Brings Spirit of Lightness

The Super New Moon in Gemini brings a spirit of lightness and well being, something we can all appreciate! It’s also time to begin new activities and fulfill new ideas, while letting go of old habits and embracing the unknown with joy. This is the time to accept the healing changes that have been taking place within and jump into our hearts and shine brightly to uplift ourselves and others.

This past year has been a deep healing period of old wounds and fears around loving and being vulnerable for many people I have seen in the healing rooms at Wonderworks, myself included. I am deeply touched by the willingness and bravery I have witnessed and experienced as we journey into our hearts. It is time to embrace the moment and reflect on gratitude for all we have been through, knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel, which is the bright Divine spark within.

In Chinese Medicine, which reflect nature’s rhythm, we are still in the growth and rebirth period of Spring, the Wood element. During this time, we are cultivating energy and personal power to chose to either descend into darkness and despair and get stuck in chaos and confusion, or rise above and let go and go with the flow.

This can be easier said than done! Acupuncture helps stimulate our energy flow by releasing feel good brain chemicals that switch us from fight and flight mindset to a deep relaxing state of mind that heals and restores our nervous system to embody more lightness of being.

Nature is one of my favorite remedies for giving me a greater perspective and keeping me focused in the moment. This is where the essence of the soul has a chance to express our true nature. Enjoy. raise and shine, be in the moment, and celebrate! Happy Memorial Holiday! Love and blessings, Amorah