Super New Moon Healing Vibrations

We are having a Super New Moon and partial solar eclipse, as well as a meteor shower on August 11!  This action packed energy is here to help propel us into our higher states of consciousness. This is the time to re-evaluate and take action accordingly on how we can better connect with the Divine in our daily lives to help elevate and promote more loving kindness in the/our world.  These healing energies are here to help us wake up to greater love and compassion, which is much needed now. 

As we are adjusting to our light bodies, it is important to our wellbeing to create and maintain balance between body, mind and soul. Many people are coming into Wonderworks Healing Arts for help integrating these intense energy frequencies, as well as with summer-heat, and for help breaking addictive behaviors. These growing pains are showing up as symptoms of exhaustion, nausea, stomachache, headache, insomnia, dizziness, low energy, and moodiness.  After acupuncture and energy healing, they leave feeling more revitalized, peaceful and grounded. 

I am very grateful to help during this exciting time of transition! Please call and make an appointment as soon as possible for a tuneup. Many blessings and much love, Amorah