Transition into Fall

Labor Day marks the end of summer, which can be bittersweet as the weather starts to cool down and we transition into Fall. Change can create instability and fear of the unknown. However, the New Moon on September 9, in stable, earthy Virgo, is the beginning of a new cycle of growth and rebirth into deeper awakening and healing of our true nature and letting go of old wounds. This can be an exciting time of transformation and lightness of being as we go forth and ground in Love and let go of fear.

During this seasonal transition, it is a very good idea to come into Wonderworks Healing Arts to get an energy tune up to help support the immune system and balance body, mind, and spirit.  Many people are coming in feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of sorts with these changes, experiencing headaches, body aches, anxiety and confusion. Acupuncture healing sessions help restore energy flow and let go of pain and create clarity, peace of mind, and a deeper sense of calm.

While I was in my internship at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine 20 years ago, I used to be asked how I knew acupuncture was working since it is energy medicine. I asked my teacher what to say, and she said tell people to notice how their lives were unfolding and then they would see how it works. Ever since, I have been grateful to have witnessed many daily miracles transpire using this holistic healing approach.

This is a great time to anchor intentions, boost immune system, and increase energy and vitality during this new phase of our development into greater ways of being.  I am happy to help!  Happy Holiday and much love and many blessings this day and always, Amorah