Unpredictable full moon brings matters to a head

When you find yourself up at the crack of dawn with the full moon shining in your window wondering what went wrong, pause take a deep breath, and let go knowing everything’s ok.

The Full Moon this month in May is unpredictable, bringing matters to a head. All that goes bump in the night is not wrong but it just might be a sign that it is time to move through and celebrate you!

Full moons are about letting go of old ideas and behaviors that no longer work anymore. It is the time to evolve into our Higher Self. Time to embrace love, especially of self, because without love and self-respect there is no peace and harmony with others.

In Chinese Medicine it is all about balance and harmony, yin and yang, creating peace and acceptance with duality. I was just in Idyllwild attending a yoga retreat; it was beautiful and sunny one day and snowy the next. The contrast was exquisite, exciting, and life-affirming reminding me to embrace each moment as it presents itself.

The ebb and flow of life helps us let go, reminding us life is always changing. The need to transform is crucial to avoid stagnation and pain. This is where acupuncture and energy healing are excellent help moving energy and creating space for change to take place. Because it is in our nature to hold on and get stuck and identify with the pain body, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual angst causing disharmony and pain, insomnia, stress, and body aches.

Take heart this is a blessing in disguise, with faith, the potential for grace and change is realized. Life is a process, enjoy the mystery, jump in and let go, Sweet dreams and if you need help sleeping, call Wonderworks Healing Arts, we are happy to help.

P.S. A special shout out to all…Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate the gift of life in every way.

Love and blessings, Amorah