Vitality and Wellbeing

This full moon in Taurus is known as a Harvest Moon, and our most locked in patterns will be presented for our viewing pleasure. There is great determination, strong will and uncompromising resistance being played out. One will need to be calm, restrained and not be drawn into dramatic behaviors. As these full moon energies start to accumulate, let love guide your choices for health, wealth, and happiness by letting go of what no longer serves the highest good. This is especially true as we enter into Scorpio energy; a time of transformation, death and rebirth, which creates exciting possibilities around love and money.

In Chinese Medicine, the Fall season is the time to cultivate Lung and Large Intestine energies for the upcoming winter months by eating nourishing foods and getting plenty of rest and hydration. It is time to supplement our immune system with acupuncture healing sessions to fortify our roots. Energy healings emphasize self-care, love and beauty. This will help balance these energies to maintain good health and joy in the body-mind connection.

The Lung meridian, energy channel, is responsible for our vital life energy, our breath, skin and spirit. The Large Intestine meridian is responsible for letting go and keeping things flowing. If there is an imbalance, this can create health issues; congestion, constipation, lack of clarity, vitality and wellbeing.

During this exciting time of transformation and growth, come into Wonderworks Healing Arts for help to maintain and create balance and grounding. It is important to focus on positive outcomes, enjoy the moment and let go to feel a sense of security, ease and flow. Much love and many blessings as we enter into the holiday season! Amorah