Winds of Change

Wonderful possibilities for transformation are available every moment of the day. This is true in nature and for us as well. This is the time of year when we can actually see change in progress.   As nature blooms and prospers with the elements of air and water, so do we with are our thoughts and actions.

The body, mind, and spirit connection is the key element in holistic healing. As we think, we create. This is a powerful aspect of our being which can either heal us or hurt us depending on our focus.

If we are out of balance for too long, stuck in a negative rut, experiencing long-term pain, or insecurity and fear, it is hard to imagine the possibly of feeling better. Pain can wear us down, depression can set in, and hope is lost. Our spirits need lifting. This is where Oriental Medicine can help.

There are numerous energy channels throughout our body, which originate from our organ systems. When stimulated with gentle acupuncture, our own healing switch gets turned on. Our natural, organic healing chemicals get released from the brain. This creates a smooth flow of energy, replenishes our internal power center, and reduces stagnant energies of inflammation and pain. Our healing process unfolds and transformation takes place, which helps us make better choices to create a healthier, happier life because we are being revitalized with healing power.

In my healing practice, I am grateful to help many people with this component of Oriental Medicine. Energy healing is very effective in restoring the imbalances, which can create so many potential issues. Come in and experience the wonderful healing possibilities, love, and blessings for yourself. It is our time to shine!