Winter Solstice Blessings – Wonderworks Healing Arts

The Winter Solstice on December 21 is the longest night of the year before we start returning to the light. Astrologically this is even more of a wondrous night with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, which ushers in the Age of Aquarius. This is a time of death and rebirth as our consciousness is awaken, love is actualized, and deep healing takes place. It is time to celebrate our true nature, as we emerge from the dark night of the soul.

In Chinese Medicine, Winter is the season of water, cold, salty, and is associated with the kidneys. This represents our fundamental essence, the yin aspect, dark, slow, inward energy. It is essential to strengthen the kidney system by boosting the immune system to ward off disease and stay healthy during the winter season. It is time to slow down, rest, replenish with lots of warm bone broths, epsom salt baths, meditation, massages and acupuncture to fortify self-care. Acupuncture can also help with issues relating to the bones, the brain, and the ears. All of which are part of the kidney meridian, as well as the energy of faith or fear.

Have faith, let go of fear and suffering, and embrace the light. Give the gift of healing and receive 20% off gift certificates at Wonderworks Healing Arts. I am grateful and happy to help!Wishing you a holiday season full of love, healing, and peace of mind. Many blessings, Amorah