Wonderblog: Stop suffering, choose love, life, and happiness!

More and more the message is clear…choose love, life, and happiness, stop suffering and be in the moment! This new moon in Libra is all about balance and inner reflection. Taking time to look within and reflect on our intentions for the highest good of all. We are in an evolutionary phase on this planet of choosing between light and darkness by embracing the totality of our being instead of the duality. We are all shadow and light, and we are creating the awareness of choice on where we want to put our focus, on either healing or suffering and thereby take action to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

I am grateful for the many opportunities to learn to choose differently from old preconceived ideas and actions, to choose love, compassion, and forgiveness, to create the choice between acting and reacting. By focusing on my healing work, I am able to give and receive the time I need to pause and reconnect to my heartfelt center and and ground and get out of my ego. Otherwise it is too overwhelming and no one benefits.

In Chinese Medicine, Fall is the Air element, time to gather our energies, reap the rewards of our hard work, and let go of grief. By getting out of our heads, we are better able to make it through this dry season of transformation and unrest. The need for grounding and relaxation are essential to lighten our spirit and rejuvenate. Acupuncture healing sessions are great for restoring our nervous system from all the stress and uncertainty of life, which causes an imbalance in our body, mind and spirit. Many people are coming in with issues of anxiety, insomnia, immune and skin problems, and digestive disorders. At Wonderworks Healing Arts,

we are able to help create balance and peace of mind.

I look forward to being of service and seeing you soon!

Many blessings and love, Amorah