Wonderblog: Super moon amplifies sensitive, intense energy

We have a Super moon amplifying the full moon energy in Scorpio, which is already a very sensitive, intense energy, on November 3. This is the time to look within and discover buried treasure that is ready to be revealed and emotions to be healed and transformed. The Scorpio full moon time is also very spiritual and emotional and can be quite crazy making if not feeling grounded and centered. To help facilitate greater intuition and joy we need to ground these intense energies by pausing and meditating on our breath, which will help align us to our body, mind, and soul connection. This will help open our hearts and minds into greater love and peace, which is the true gift and great need we all have now.

In Oriental Medicine balancing body, mind, and spirit is key to creating and maintaining good health. As we transition into cooler, darker days and nights the need to lighten up will be even more important to maintain our energy, health, and well being. Acupuncture and energy healing are very helpful with anxiety, depression, and seasonal mood disorder. As well as helping in healing arthritis and inflammation causing sore and painful bones and joints. Acupuncture is also very helpful in boosting the immune system during the flu season.

It is my birthday month, so I am quite excited! This is the time of year we can all rejoice in gratitude and celebration of life. I am grateful to help you live a more balanced life being happy, joyous and free!

Lots of love and blessings, Amorah