Wonderworks Healing Arts – Connecting in Love

On the evening of February 8, we will be having a full moon in Leo, the sign of heart, fire, and passion. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with our brave, loving hearts, let go and grow in love and compassion for ourselves and all others. It is important to ground our energies and meditate on the bigger picture to free our inhibitions and express generosity and gratitude.

Often during the full moons, we can feel overwhelmed, out of control, and off balance. At Wonderworks Healing Arts, we specialize in balancing body, mind, and spirit to create increased vitality, clarity, and wellbeing. This helps to inspire a greater sense of power, confidence, and happiness, as well as improving health and prosperity.

Energy healing and acupuncture, help stimulate the flow of stuck energies causing pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, and digestive issues. This occurs by stimulating our organic healing process that switches the sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight mode, to parasympathetic nervous system, rest and restore mode.

Come in today to help fill your energy tank and experience greater love, peace, and happiness. Happy full moon and Valentine’s Day! Much love and blessings, Amorah