Year of the Fire Rooster

I just had a thought, “what if is everything is okay? And we can have everything we want…love, peace and happiness? And let’s throw in health and prosperity for good measure!” This is possible despite the political turbulence, social unrest, and all the other situations out of our control. The secret is to stay true to our inner truth and focus on love, let go of fear.

The theme for the New Moon on Friday, January 27, is being flexible and persistent in what matters most. Reviewing our intentions and goals for the New Year and resetting, adjusting where necessary. New moons give us this extra energy and motivation where needed most.

We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year on Saturday, Year of the Fire Rooster. This will give us the extra power to rise above our fears and come from the heart. The outstanding attributes for the Fire Rooster are trust-worthiness and responsible. How can we relate these virtues to our lives? By affirming what matters most to us and taking risks, and not buying into the fears, hiding behind ignorance, and slipping into doubt and confusion or negative reactions.

Chinese Medicine is a great tool to use to help tonify the heart meridian, which is the fire element. This will help to build bravery, excitement, and love. And by also fortifying the kidney energy, the water element, balance and clarity are restored.   Acupuncture helps opens up the stuck energies that blocks health and happiness and alleviates anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, hypertension and fear.

This is a great time of year, full of power and possibilities. Make the most of it, be happy and live the life you want! To thy own self be true! Happy New Year, cock-a-doodle-do!