Year of the Fire Monkey: Take Risks with Light-Hearted Playfulness

Happy Chinese New Year! The year of the red fire monkey. This auspicious day also falls on the new moon. This is a perfect time to start something new or go forward with goals and dreams that the winter months may have stagnated. The theme for fire monkey, is taking risks with a light-hearted, playfulness. We are also celebrating Leap Year and Valentine’s Day to enhance are sense of wonder!

Originally Valentine’s Day was called the Day of Sweetness because Spring is on its way. Traditionally, a day for lovers and couples. This day can create loneliness if you’re single, which I am. The benefits of being sweet to one’s self is of vital importance. I enjoy this day as an opportunity to celebrate my life. Valentine’s Day inspires us to feel love in our hearts. It is a good time to reflect on relationships and all aspects of love in our lives. Love heals and creates wonderful possibilities!

In Chinese Medicine the Heart element is Fire. The Heart, the color red, and courage are qualities of the Fire element; and is supported by the Kidneys, the Water element, and the Winter season. Now is the time to build up our kidney system to create more energy, better brain function, and sleep. Along with lots of water, rest and warm foods, Chinese Medicine will help balance the emotions, as well physical manifestations, of the heart. This also strengthens the immune system, to keep us healthy throughout the year.

Believe in love, health, and happiness to create balance in body, mind, and spirit this New Year!